maeshelle west-davies

I remember the call. I was at a big benefit party that I’d help organise. My then husband called and said my mother was in the hospital and that I needed to go to Atlanta right away. The next day I drove the six hours. I didn’t know what to expect. The doctor said it was breast cancer and gave her three weeks to live. I took care of her the next 10 months. This was a life changing experience on numerous levels. Of course I learned a lot about cancer, but the most valuable lessons I learned were about people and their ability to cope. My mother remained upbeat and lovely throughout. People that had been dear friends couldn’t bear it and disappeared. Others seemed to appear from nowhere and rallied around us. I know I would never have made it through had I not had a support network. I also know that I can’t judge those who could not be there for us. Some people are just not capable of such things.
When I was asked to participate in Pink Shoe Day I was honored. The fight against breast cancer is a cause that I can personally identify with. It is the only cancer that is on the rise. Not only is Hausleben there to provide a much needed support network for patients and their families, but they are very active in prevention. This and early detection are effective weapons…..if we choose to arm ourselves.

maeshelle west-davies

photo: charlotte eifler

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