daniela grömke

daniela grömke  photo: maeshelle west-davies

daniela grömke
photo: maeshelle west-davies

An aged chemistry teacher receives a cancer diagnosis and begins to cook Crystal Meth, builds up a drug empire and washes his money in an automatic car wash. Laura Linney wears almost exclusively a green-violetly patterned mini terry toweling coat in the first episodes. According to her diagnosis she decides not to purchase a new couch while Felicity Huffmans Lynette tries to conceal the wig she wears after her chemotherapy.

Cancer isn’t a taboo any more in US-American TV series.

You can watch them every day. But what about in real life?

My Aunt had tumors in her breast.

Not me, I had only a knot which proved to be good-natured.

I am not afraid of cancer. The issue doesn’t affect me.

I am watching it on the couch with a bag of salty sunflower seeds.

I am young and efficient.

However, Cancer is not just something to entertain me with.

It’s not a simple reason for character development in a tv show.
Its a disease everybody should be aware of.

For this I back the cause to invite more women to deal with that topic and therefore I support Haus Leben e.V. project with my artwork.

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