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In Germany 70,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. This is partly because they are afraid to talk about it. As artists, and women who have been affected by cancer, we want to encourage dialogue.

70.000+/ignore it and it won’t go away

candace goodrich (USA)
lily koto olive (USA)
yule franke (DE)
charlotte eifler (DE)
daniela grömke (DE)
madeleine heublein (DE)
christina nielsen-marsh (UK)
maeshelle west-davies (USA/UK)

Fri 20 Sept 20.00-24.00

food by Daniel Jurisch & Rene Böhm

performance by Mark Matthes
dj miju

Sat 21 Sept and Sun 22 Sept 11.00-16.00

curated by maeshelle west-davies

Fall Spinnerei Rundgang
Colonia 210
Halle 20 Entrance E Floor 2
Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei
Spinnereistraße 7 – 04179

a fund raiser for pink shoe day

all proceeds from the preview party and 30% of art sales go to Hausleben

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